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Teenagers protesting the planned
closure of the local youth club
As if this particular lamp post was
more fragile
Volunteer at cat rescue centre
Choir singers vote for themselves
during a tv show contest
Krakow in december
Worship service at a Norwegian
christian youth festival
Winter limits
Oslo - 22.07.11 terror aftermath.
Jonas Alaska in concert
How does one dribble Norways former
prime minister (in front)?
The sunset will never again just be
for our mind's memory
Tromsø library
Mum in the summer
Dad in the summer
Lindesnes Accordion Band members
Matching by fluke
The flu
"Say No to the EU". Local political
engagement in rural Norway.
Celebrating Norway's national day
In case you were unsure where to
pick up those fresh cherries
Bank employees exercising during
lunch break
Skeid soccer players stretching
Locals at the Staten Island ferry
We were expecting softer skin
Late match