Streets of Chicago

I just came home from a trip to Chicago, where I spent a bit of my time wandering through different neighborhoods, observing people. I stopped some of the ones I passed, asking if I could make a quick portrait. These pictures are snapshots, made in minutes or seconds at the spot where we met. I only asked people not to smile, other than that they posed as they wished. The pictures are not perfect in any way, but together I feel they suggest a portrait of Chicago’s diversity.


From the archive: Sisters

They wear their wedding ring as a token to show their marriage to God. They are each other’s closest family.
A day in the life of the Sisters at Katarinahjemmet in Oslo.

Photograhed for Klassekampen, December 2015.


From the archive: Spilled milk

“Hello girls!” At five in the morning while the snow blows heavily, it’s still completely quiet in the small village of Arabygdi. But as farmer Hege Gonsholt enters the barn, she is greeted with happy bleating and bells ringing. Inside over hundred goats eagerly wait to be milked. While sheep and cows eat grass, goats eat bushes and thrive in steep cliffs and challenging landscapes. For over six thousand years goats have helped Norwegian farmers to live off land that is hard to cultivate. It is a small industry but still there are 294 goat farms in Norway.
At 800 metres above sea level, the Gonsholt family cannot grow neither vegetables nor grains. But their foresty hills are perfect for goats, and Gonsholt’s farm has been in the family since the 19th century. But now her oldest son who is eager to take over when he becomes an adult might miss his chance: The Norwegian parliament proposes changes for Norwegian food production. These include reducing subsidies to small farms off the beaten track, and no longer accepting goat milk deliveries to the state owned dariy company “Tine”. In the utmost sense, this means some of the smallest farms might have to close down.

Photographed for Klassekampen, February 2017.

From the archive: 42195 meters

What do you look like when you push yourself to the limit? When your blood pumps heavily, muscles aching, heart pounding, sweat running, legs like thunder against the tarmac. With 11 kilometers behind you, 31 still to come. When the only thing that matters is to continue.
2397 contestants ran the Oslo Maraton 2017.

Photographed for Aftenposten, September 2017.